Read Your Bible: 1 Hour A Day!

Helpful Tools to Have on Hand:

  • Your Bible
  • A Journal or note sheet to write down your thoughts and/or questions.
  • A Reading Plan
  • A Planner (for those things that you need to do today that pop into your mind while reading)

Helpful Tips for Reading Your Bible:

  1. Before you start reading your Bible, pray! Ask God to speak to you through His Word. To help you live out what you are reading.
  2. If you don't have a full hour to read your Bible, listen to it! You can make up the difference in time by listening when you are in the car, brushing your teeth, while at work, or anywhere you are on the go.
  3. Bring your Bible with you when you know you will sitting in a waiting room, such as a doctor's office, mechanic's, etc.
  4. Bring your bible with you to work and read it on your breaks.
  5. Plan to go some place for a treat (the beach, park, hiking, where ever you choose) and once you get there spend sometime in your favorite place reading your Bible.
  6. Read your Bible for whatever amount of time you can fit into your schedule and make up the rest of the time listening to an audio Bible.
  7. Find a devotional that you enjoy and read that after you begin your time in prayer to get you started.
  8. Meditation is important to understanding what you are reading. If you are one to get caught in the details get a study Bible to help you understand what you are reading.
  9. When you have questions about what you are reading in the Bible, find a person at church that may be able to help you. You can always ask Pastor Leo Questions on his Facebook Page!
  10. Listen to sermons that are teaching the same part of the Bible that you are reading for additional clarification.
  11. If you are reading the Bible with a buddy or a spouse, it may help to discuss what you have read to help it sink in.
  12. If you really enjoy a specific book of the Bible and want to study it further, go to a Christian Bookstore to find a study guide to help you study that book.
  13. To change it up a bit try reading different versions of the Bible.
  14. Set up a consistent time each day to read your Bible.
  15. Pick out a Bible that fits your lifestyle (digital version, fits in your purse, large print).
  16. If you find a Bible verse that really speaks you to write it down and work on memorizing it. There is a reason that verse is speaking to you at that moment.
  17. Take notes! As you are reading the Bible you may find that you find something that you would like to refer to later or something that applies to your life today. Here is a notes sheet you can print or use as a reference if you would prefer to use a notebook.
  18. Remember that it isn't about making this time with God complicated, so keep it simple and enjoy your quiet time with God!
  19. If you have children include some time in your day to read the Bible with them and go through a devotional. Get them started early so that they look foward to this quality time with you and God!