Read Your Bible: 1 Hour A Day!

Here are some Bible reading plans we have created for you to use:

90 Day Plan (by verse) 90 Day Plan (by chapter)

To find the right Bible reading plan for you:

Time Based

Time Meditative Normal Fast
1 1/2 Hours A Day 157 Days 48 Days 38 Days
1 Hour A Day 236 Days 72 Days 56 Days
45 Minutes 314 Days 96 Days 75 Days
30 Minutes 471 Days 144 Days 113 Days
15 Minutes 942 Days 288 Days 225 Days

Pages Per Day

  1. You can read for the amount of time you plan to spend reading your Bible each day. After the first day see how many pages you read in that amount of time. Divide the number of pages in the Bible you are reading with the number of pages you read and you will have how many days to read through the whole Bible.
  2. Determine number of days you want to have completely read the Bible and divide the number of pages in your Bible by the number of days to give yourself the number of pages you need to reach each day to meet the goal.

Know You Don't Need A Plan

A plan is a great thing to have if you want to stay at a certain pace or if you use it to hold yourself accountable for making sure to add reading your Bible into the days schedule. But it isn't a requirement to use a Bible reading plan! The most important part is that you take the time to read your Bible daily. Spending time each day reading God's Word will help you have a more intimate relationship with God!